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Transitioning Out of Bad Habits Into Healthy Ones

Life is full of major transitions that can be used as an opportunity to start fresh.

For example, when you’ve just moved into a new home, it’s easier to enforce a healthy diet and lifestyle because you’re not surrounded by all of your old unhealthy foods and snacks. When you start a new job, it’s easy to establish healthy routines like taking breaks or going for walks during the day when you’re not yet comfortable in your new office. Each time we enter into a new stage of life, we have the chance to start over with healthier habits because the old bad ones simply won’t be present in the same way anymore. If a person gets married, they may begin with quitting smoking as that habit would be detrimental to the relationship.

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3 Examples of Habit Breaking Transitions


Become your own boss.

Nothing can reinforce bad habits like being stuck in an unfulfilling and unsatisfying job. You may have trouble resisting eating unhealthy foods when coworkers bring them in regularly. If it’s hard to leave to exercise, you may stay at your desk and eat lunch and engage with social media. Becoming your own boss is exciting, scary, but exciting. But it’s also a chance to work your own hours and work from home. There you can eat healthy foods rather than sweets to snack on and the ability to leave and take walks or go to the gym. You have control over your time and environment, which allows you to create healthier habits. Structure your business as an Iowa LLC which will reduce your tax burden, but will also let you separate your business finances from your personal finances, which will let you clear up any problems with bad spending habits you may accrue.


A move to a new home.

This is an opportunity to change a bad habit of allowing your home to get filled with stressful and anxiety-producing clutter. Adopting the mantra of a place for everything and everything in its place. This goes for everyone in the household. It’s easier to keep clutter from overwhelming you by purchasing storage containers and having closet organizers installed or purchasing your own.


Ending a bad relationship.

Negative relationships can not only be bad for us emotionally, but they can negatively affect our health. Research shows that being in an unhealthy relationship increases our risk of heart disease, including a fatal heart attack. Other studies show that women with high levels of conflict in their relationships have higher levels of blood sugar, high blood pressure, and increase unhealthy stress levels. and higher levels of obesity. Look into counseling to try to find ways to mend this relationship; you may discover that you can fix the problems you’re encountering. There are even online therapists who may be able to help you. However, by ending the unhealthy relationship, you have a chance to start over by surrounding yourself with supportive people, and time alone to engage in productive and positive activities.

In these ways and more, one can use major life transitions as opportunities for fresh starts and recreating oneself in healthier ways that are less destructive to oneself and others.

- Emily Graham