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Who We Are

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What is Journey Coaching?

Journey Coaching is a system designed to help foster open and honest relationships, personal growth and spiritual growth.

While Journey Coaching is rooted in Christian teachings, it welcomes individuals of all beliefs or affiliations. What matters most is a genuine desire to grow in relationships, personal strengths, and life purpose.

Accomplishing your growth goals with the Journey Coaching system is done by working through the 7 sessions outlined in the material with a trusted friend, group member, or coach. Our material is designed to be used in a one-on-one setting with an open dialogue between participants and coaches. Sharing openly, actively listening, considerate thought and acceptance are all keys to getting the most out of your experience. If you want to grow, we’d love to help!

The Process


Ready for Growth

You’re ready for personal growth, and we have the material and guidance to help.

Journey helps you be a more authentic version of yourself through knowing yourself better.


Get Started

We’ll provide guidance for you to find your coach and the material for you to use on your journey.

Don’t have a coach? Order a couple of workbooks and invite a friend to go through Journey with you!


Complete Sessions

The Journey Coaching process consists of 7 sessions.

It’s recommended to go through one session per week (or you can progress at a pace that works for you).


Ongoing Resources

Personal and spiritual growth is a lifelong process!

We’ll provide ongoing resources and informative podcast episodes along with our contact form for any questions you might have.

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Who is Journey Coaching for?


The Journey Coaching process & material is designed to be used as a 1:1 system after or during participation in other group coaching, mentoring, recovery, discipleship or growth focused program.

We encourage individuals from these groups to pair up and continue on their growth path:

  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Churches
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Correctional Center Ministries
  • Shelters
  • Businesses
  • Employee Programs
  • Individuals looking to grow!


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Who can be a coach?

There are no requirements to be a coach. Journey Coaching recommends partnering with someone you know and trust, or are comfortable opening up to.

Most often, that would be another member of a group you participate in (a bible study, for example), a mentor, a friend, or an acquaintance you’d like to get to know better.

It’s okay to coach each other! The 7 sessions are designed to open a dialogue that encourages thoughtful participation, whether it’s one person leading or two people working alongside one another.


59% of Christian adults involved in some sort of discipleship activity report feeling reenergized when they spend time with Jesus.


Christian adults who are involved in some sort of discipleship activity report that their relationship with Jesus impacts the way they live their everyday life.


Christian adults who are involved in some sort of discipleship activity report that their relationship with Jesus brings them deep joy and satisfaction.

Two Part System

The Journey Coaching process has two parts that work together, so you can get the most out of your experience. Those two parts are materials and coaching relationships.

Journey Coaching books laying on a flat surface with one open and one closed.


The Journey Coaching 7 sessions materials consist of two books, the Leader’s Guide and the Participant’s Guide.

Both workbooks are available in printed and interactive PDF form.


Coaches have the role of leading participants through their journey.

If both participants are new to Journey Coaching, they will both act as coach and participant as they walk their journey together.

Together. Better.

Why not just use the books?

The materials are a series of two books (Leader’s Guide and Participant’s Guide) that walk coaches and participants through written information, workbook style exercises and additional resources. The 7 sessions outlined in the book are designed to help you look at the deeper parts of yourself (strengths, weaknesses and worldview), and to create an open and honest dialogue that provides another perspective to look at yourself, your relationships and your worldview from.

Using only the books without a coach or participant to work alongside removes the opportunity for outside perspective, guidance and dialogue that allows you to dive deep into the material and get the most out of your journey.

Our Mission

Personal, spiritual and relationship growth is hard to do on your own. Journey Coaching provides a system to guide you on your one-to-one growth journey and ongoing resources so you can recognize your strengths, weaknesses and purpose.

Need a starting point?

Growth is essential to a life with strong and lasting relationships. If you’re not quite ready to begin the coaching process but are looking for growth, examining your life journey is a good way to bring clarity to your next steps.

Fill out the following form to download the interactive PDF “My Life Journey” and take the first step on your journey to personal, spiritual and relationship growth.

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