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Handling Difficult Conversations

Welcome back to the Journey Podcast! In this episode Terry and Jeff discuss how to handle difficult conversations. From learning how to approach the difficult conversation to what to...

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What is the Difference Between Coaching and Counseling?

By: Terry C. Because I’m a licensed counselor and one of the developers of Journey Coaching, people often ask me, “What is the difference between coaching and counseling?” Just...

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“A great tool to begin new friendships or deepen an existing one.”

June S.

“Coaching that gets to the heart, but isn’t too churchy.”

June S.
Teacher, Business Leadership

Behind The Mic

Lianne Sketch

Lianne Westcot

Show Host

Professional fine artist by day, Lianne brings a calm and unique voice to the podcast with her insightful wit. Her passion for helping people grow is recognized by those around her. Lianne was Sarah’s Journey coach after being one of the first people to help pilot Journey Coaching.

Mike Calacci

Show Host

A passionate focus on helping people grow has been on Mike’s heart for over 30 years of pastoral ministry. His care and concern for others is evident within moments of meeting him. Mike is also a church consultant and co-author of the Journey materials. Mike loves to help people and organizations solve problems and create a pathway forward. 

Terry Sketch

Terry Carlson

Show Host

RN turned Licensed Counselor, Terry co-wrote the Journey materials. Her steady perspective helps guide others through a compassionate and realistic look at where we’re currently at and where we are going. It was out of a desire to help people grow that led her to co-authoring Journey.

Jeff Carlson

Show Host

Administrative leader and business owner, Jeff brings a focused drive to helping Journey Coaching exist. His passion for problem-solving led him to questioning the way we grow and how we can move closer to God.

David Sketch

David Arnold

Show Host

Experience in both the non-profit and for-profit working worlds gives David a unique and balanced perspective on various worldviews. David’s insight and compassion makes him a natural fit for the Journey podcast.

Sarah Sketch

Sarah Banowetz

Show Host

Marketing Director and business owner, Sarah’s passion for clear communication and energetic discussion help add a ‘spice’ to the Journey podcast. Sarah’s desire for real conversation and inquisitive nature help round-out the podcast.

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