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Sticks and Stones: When Words Really do Hurt

They used to say, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” And they’re liars… because words can hurt us, especially when they come in the form of gossip. Join Abigail, Dillon, and Tyler as they dive in to the motivations behind gossip, how to stop gossiping ourselves, and what to do when the gossip is aimed at us.

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REALationships: Better Relationships Right Now

Welcome to the Journey Podcast reboot! In our new series, deep dive dialogues we will journey beneath the surface to discover the undercurrents of our struggles and how we can overcome them through community and coaching. In our first episode, we’re discussing the difference between types of relationships, and how you can begin to develop truly life-giving connections today! Dive into the journey with your new hosts, Dillon, Tyler, and Abigail.

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