We all long for meaningful relationships.

Today, face-to-face interactions have been largely replaced by Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok feeds.

It’s easy to forget about the deeper connections we can build when chatting with someone in person. We need those moments, like the ones on a front porch or over coffee, where we talk with a friend about the significant things in life.

We hope to grow - to be a bit better tomorrow.

In our busyness and Netflix comfort zones, it’s easy to stay stuck. Our today can simply be repeated, day after day, month after month, year after year, until one day we wake up wanting something different, something better.

Our mission is to help individuals really connect, and talk about things that are important to them.

Journey Coaching participants have an opportunity to share their life story with someone while exploring their strengths, limitations and worldview, then set goals for healthy spiritual, physical and emotional growth. Can you imagine your home, community, and even world, confidently and courageously connecting on the matters that are most important? You can help restore connection to a world in need by helping individuals move from “alone” to “together” and from “stuck” to “growth.”

Your support makes a difference!

By contributing to Journey Coaching you are helping to create pathways for positive movement.

While Journey is volunteer intensive, significant funds are needed for a solid framework to cover the cost of developing content, hiring core coaches, training and reaching individuals. In the midst of seeking God’s direction, we need to be intentionally strong to be originally effective.

Thank you for partnering with us; you are helping to build a better world together.



Jeff Carlson, Journey Coaching

P.S. Donations directly support individuals with the impact of personal coaching. 


Journey Coaching is a 501c3 corporation. Financial reports are available upon request.