Session 1-7 Overview

We are excited to go on this journey with you!

Over the course of the next 7 sessions,  we want to encourage you (alongside your coach) to share your story, inspire you in your strengths, challenge you in the way you address your weaknesses, help you understand your worldview and assist you in planning your goals for future growth. You were never meant to walk through this life alone, we’re excited to go on this Journey with you.

Session 1

Getting to Know Each Other & Starting the Journey

In the first session, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with your coach, share the summary of your story, set realistic expectations, evaluate the fit and be introduced to the homework. You will also be introduced to what coaching is and what coaching is not.

Session 2

Your Design: Strengths

This session begins with you sharing your individual story with the coach. During this session, your coach will encourage you that even the little things that we might skip over can have a significant impact on our lives overall. As you wrap up this session, your coach will explain the homework for the next week’s session: spiritual gifts and strengths assessment.

Session 3

Challenges to Your Design: Growth Areas

During this session, you will go over your strengths survey (and spiritual gifts assessment if you took that as well). Your coach will encourage you that strengths and growth areas aren’t simply black and white – oftentimes they fall somewhere along a grid from completely lacking to completely developed.

Session 4

Worldview & Perspectives

You will begin this session going over what you completed in the workbook from session 3. This can be one of the hardest sessions because it can be very uncomfortable to look at our own shortcomings. However thinking about these things in relation to strengths can help put them in perspective.

Session 5

Moving Forward: Roadmap to Change

This session is dedicated to helping you determine your destination. We call it your roadmap to change. One of the best ways to do this is to realize that the condition of our bodies and minds directly affects our ability to function. Moreover, it is explained that a person is better aligned the more they are functioning from their strengths rather than their growth areas.

Session 6

Planning for Realignment

In this session, the coach encourages the individual to pick one of the next step goals you have developed and to begin doing something toward that goal. You will be encouraged to prioritize the changes to have the most success. A fulfilled life is operating out of our strengths.

Session 7

Follow Up: Support & Encouragement

Each coach will plan a follow up session to offer support, encouragement and to help evaluate where they are at with their goals. We know that going through coaching is a process and we want to encourage you along the way in this journey.

Journey Coaching Self Evaluation